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SAT Homework

Accessing the Studyworks Homework Site:

Visit (no www.) or click here

Login: Email address (Note: It could be a parent email)

Password: 1111

For assistance with the homework site, please see the "Homework Guide" under the file download section of the homework site.

Homework Assignments:

Each student is assigned a total of 7 homework assignments. After each Studyworks class, students will be given at least one homework assignment:

(please see your teacher for exact assignment dates and due dates)

 HOMEwork Policies:

Homework is required for all guarantees. Answers must be recorded in the homework site, and cannot be turned into your teacher for credit. Due dates cannot be extended.

In our 35+ years experience, students who complete the homework typically score 150-200 points higher than students who do not finish their homework.

If students complete all of their homework assignments and wish to continue practicing, please call the office for additional practice SATs.

Homework for "Security" students:

"Security" students complete their homework in-class, therefore no outside-of-class homework is required. However, "Security" students still need to enter their answers in the homework site to receive credit for completion. ("Security" students attend class for 5 hours an 45 minutes a day.)

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