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Is a good PSAT score inportant to you? - We do not offer a PSAT "only" course. Why you ask? Because the SAT and PSAT are almost identical exams, with the differences being explained in less than five minutes. The only two major differences are the PSAT is shorter and does not contain a written essay section. PSAT students will receive an additional class and can take a full-length "refresher" course for only $129.

"The PSAT/NMSQT includes the same types of critical reading, math and writing skills multiple choice questions as tthe SAT "Reasoning Test". College Board, May 2010 <>

Therefore, we strongly recommend anyone interested in preparing for the PSAT enroll in one of our SAT courses. Available in Standard or Security programs

Perfect for students who:
  1. Plan to enter the competition for the National Merit Scholar distinction (grade 11)
  2. Would like feedback on their strenths and weaknesses on skills necessary for the SAT
  3. Want to prep for SAT and not have to pay full tuition

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