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Diagnostic Testing

With so much competition to enter universities, there has never been greater importance on standardized test scores. That is why it’s so important for students to know where they currently stand in comparison to others. At a small cost of $250 (waived for organizations participating in our “Community Outreach Program”), we will provide each member a recently retired official ACT and/or SAT prep exam, grade it and provide a personalized diagnostic analysis for each student. We also provide a presentation for students and their families on the differences between standardized test and high school exams, how to prepare and common test strategies.

Please note: We suggest the organization charges a small fee as a fundraiser. For example, if you charge your members $10 and non-members $20, it’s possible to raise well over $1000 for a cause of your choice. 

Request a Diagnostic Test

If you prefer to speak with someone please call 1-800-783-1728 and ask for the Community Outreach department.

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